Dispute Resolution

Practice Description

Kugler Law Firm offers a first-class dispute resolution service, including litigation, arbitration and regulatory investigations. We have a reputation for achieving both litigation and arbitration successes and have specialist expertise and experience in handling the most sensitive and complex cases.

Our aim is to help our clients to avoid litigation: where litigation is unavoidable, we focus on working towards their commercial objectives, while assessing legal, commercial and reputational risks. We look to bring disputes to an early and successful conclusion, through strategic and creative thinking, as well as analysis of the opponent’s negotiating weaknesses, procedural tactics or creative settlement approaches.

Our lawyers are as familiar with arbitration as they are with litigating in court, and are experienced in settling disputes for clients in the way most suited to each matter, including mediation, adjudication and expert determination. We also have extensive experience of the issues and tactics in regulatory investigations.

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